Scripts and Assets To Download

Crysis Refraction / Invisibility

Underwater Scripts

Simple Base Building

Splash Screen Fade

Binocular Script

Object Push

Survival Series – Unity 5

Simple Crafting System

Raycast Script

Resident Evil Cam Swap

Door Open Raycast

Fade in Script

Zipline Scripts


Blinking Script

Head Bobbing Package

Torch Controller Script

Stardust HD Style Scripts

Ladder Climb Script

Varied leaf with alphas (.PNG)

Fading Health System Images (.PNG / .PSD)

Bubble Shield Dome (FBX)

Free Christmas 3D Model Pack

Test Room FBX Model (With Textures)

Survival Series – Unity 4 Package

Horror Series Scripts (Battery/Scare/Sanity)

Unity 4/5 Skybox Textures Pack

Programming Audio