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Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Can I request a specific Unity related tutorial?

Yes, of course you can! Just send a message via the contact form and I’ll adhere to reply to everyone’s suggestions! Please remember that I cannot always accommodate all requests but I try my very best! 🙂

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

The store currently uses “PayPal” for transactions because it is a safer merchant with a 3rd party checkout, which is better for you as a customer and me as the provider but please contact me if you have any issues at all!

What happens when I purchase an asset through this store?

Once you make the purchase through my store you will be given a download link in the “Downloads” section of your account page. This means you can always download the asset again, if you wish! Do let me know if you have any issues at all.

Why should I purchase assets here rather than the Unity Store?

The Unity Asset Store takes 30% of the profit from developers and also charges customers additional VAT on top (Which is charged solely by Unity themselves). I offer the saving here with an additional 10% off, no VAT to pay and sometimes promotional offers, vouchers and savings for more customers!

How do I know you're trustworthy? Do you have asset reviews?

I have been making games for a number of years and have been selling on the asset store for around 2-3 years. You can check out my entire collection on the Unity Asset Store if you wish, look at the reviews and make your mind up for yourself.

What discounts can I get for purchasing here?

This is a initial list of Discounts through the Store:

1). 10% off original Unity Asset Store Price (No Code Required)

2). 5% off if you’re a subscriber of my YouTube Channel (Using the provided discount code)

3). 5% for everyone who is a “Speediest Patron” ($5) or Higher (Using the provided discount code)

4). No additional charge of country tax related VAT (Which is often added at checkout from large companies)

***On average customers usually save between 20-40% compared to buying from the Unity Asset Store

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes you do, please message me for details on that!

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After using a few different First Person Examine style assets and not really getting the exact feel I was wanting, I stumbled across this. At first I was finding it difficult to integrate it into my HDRP project because the documentation was a little sparse in this area and my camera set up seemed to be glitching out, but I still really liked how it looked and so I emailed Matthew for help. He went above and beyond my expectations, working with me to not only get his HDRP documentation updated, but to also get all of my specific needs implemented into my project! This now works fully with a single camera set-up (HDRP breaks a bit when using dual camera style assets), has a process for getting blur back into it and is very clearly scripted, which helps if you want to expand it. Thanks again Matthew, and yeah, anyone thinking about getting examine style functionality into their game should definitely try this asset!

BrynDC / Examine System / Unity Asset Store

The code is really well optimized/organized and everything is working AAA as expected. The online documentation alongside the youtube video tutorials and the example scenes are really helpful/straightforward/to the point in such a way that the integration with your own game seems like a walk in the park. Even if you get minor issues or problems of understanding at start, you can easily contact with the publisher and get some top-notch support in discord or via email. Individual systems and individual objects/sounds/UI/functions can easily be customized to suit your specific game’s needs! One of the best assets!

Whitewidowmaker / Adventure Puzzle Kit / Unity Asset Store